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Paranormal Temperature Theory

The temperature theory is when a ghost starts to manifest, it can cause drops in temperature called cold spots or even cause a hot spot. The hot spot rarely happens. If it is a cold spot the temperature should be around a 10 degrees drop in temperature. The temperature gauges we use to detect cold spots are:

Digital Thermometer

This meter is good for beginner level investigators because it is very easy to use and read.  However this meter is not the best one for paranormal investigation.  This meter will only detect temperatures within one foot from the probe (the tip of the wire).

IR (Infrared) Thermometer

IR Infrared thermometerIR Infrared thermometer


Infrared(IR) Thermometers are very good to use in this field, as long as you have selected a good one. 

There are IR thermometers that take the temperature of a direct object (the object it is being pointed at) like the one shown to the left. There are also IR thermometers that take the actual air temperature and give you the temperature of a radius area around it (such as the one shown below).

Some IR thermometers also have a laser pointer on it to show you the direction you are pointing the thermometer.

IR Infrared thermometer

Another theory regarding the paranormal and temperature is that when a ghost wants to come in contact with you to give you a sign they might generate wind. Our group uses the wind meter shown below.

Wind meter

This wind meter can tell you how fast the wind is blowing and in what direction it is coming from. Dramatic changes in temperature may cause sudden gusts of wind.

Another theory with temperature is, when a ghost is trying to manifest itself or wants to come in contact with you there might be a change in pressure. Again, an extreme change in temperature may cause a change in air pressure. Similarly, a sudden change in air pressure may precede a change in temperature. The meter to detect pressure is called a barometer.






The final piece of temperature related equipment you could use is Thermal Imaging.

Thermal ImagingWith thermal imaging you can see the temperature differences around you. Thermal imaging cameras look like a video camera that attaches to a screen with a cable to view what you are seeing. The hot colors include red, white, orange, and yellow. The cold colors are blue and green.

This is a great piece of equipment because if you encounter a cold spot on a thermometer then you can view and track the cold spot with a thermo imaging camera to see exactly what it is. Thermal imaging equipment is, however, extremely expensive!


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