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Recent Investigations by Long Island Paranormal Investigators:

Katie's of Smithtown
Smithtown, NY

Long Island Paranormal Investigators: Investigation January 2008

Long Island Paranormal Investigators: Investigation May 2008

Long Island Paranormal Investigators meet Paranormal State at Katie's

Investigation: May 2008

Prolog: Long Island Paranormal Investigators was invited for a second investigation at Katie's in May 2008 by bar owner Brian Karppinen.

Katies of Smithtown
Katie's of Smithtown.

Historical background: Since our last visit in January some new history about Katie's has been uncovered up by the Smithtown Historical Society regarding the property dating back to the late 1800's.
Newly discovered historical facts:

  • The building had been the Hotel Trainer, not a hospital as previously thought. The hotel burned down in December 1909.

  • The dance floor area downstairs is part of the original foundation of the hotel.


Reported paranormal activity:

Brian shows LIPI around
Katie's owner Brian Karppinen shows LIPI members the hot spots in the building.

Brian had mentioned to us that he has always felt that there is something "dark" in the bar that isn't the resident ghost, Charlie Klein. The last time Long Island Paranormal Investigators investigated the bar Brian had also told us that he would have the place cleansed often to keep the "dark things" out. Brian and the employees do not mind the presence of Charlie and in fact enjoy it when he "stops in".

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Brian has not had the building cleansed in several months and things have changed since. The activity has increased and some believe that there is something other than Charlie that has made itself known. Some believe that it's the spirit of someone who was trapped in the hotel fire from 1909.

Brian asked LIPI to come back and find out what could be the cause for the increased paranormal activity.

New claims since our prior investigation:  

  • Shadows moving out of the corners of your eyes.
  • More wine glasses being moved/thrown.
  • Black mass has been seen by the railing to the downstairs area.

The investigation team: LIPI conducted an all night lights-out investigation from 12am-6am with a small team of six investigators lead by Lead Investigator Michael Cardinuto. Also present were investigators Thelma D'Amico, Justin "Credible" DiGangi, Craig Sordyl, Mike Bainbridge, and Paul Guarino.

The investigation:

The team was divided into two groups that rotated between the main upper bar room and the basement bar room all night. Teams took turns investigating both locations and performing EVP sessions. Our DVR system base was setup on the main floor stage. Two cameras were set up on the main floor, one to cover the open floor area and the other to cover the bar. The other DVR cameras were setup downstairs to cover the lower bar and dance floor area. Our wireless motion sensor was setup on the main floor to observe several glass marked for position on the lower level.

Glasses were setup as "traps" on both the main and lower floors for something to move them.


Photographs and Video: No photographs or video was collected during this investigation.

EVPs: Analysis pending.

EMF and Temperature: No anomalous EMF or temperature changes were detected during the investigation.

Personal Experiences on Site

  • Location: Stairs in lower level bar area
    Description: Investigators Michael Cardinuto and Michael Bainbridge reported seeing an apparent shadow moving up the stairway. This tends to support the report of a black mass seen near the railing that connects the upstairs and downstairs.
  • Location: Lower level bar area
    Description: It was noted one of the glasses set up as a "trap" had moved slightly off the mark. No extreme vibrations had been noticed before the motion sensor sounded.

Conclusion: Although some personal experiences were recorded during this investigation, at this time LIPI is still unable to document significant paranormal activity at this location. Additional investigations will be scheduled.


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