Café – Building 56

A Brief History: Building 56 was one of the psychiatric center’s 150 buildings. It was a patient run store, clubhouse, and cafeteria for visitors that was built in 1974. KPPC opened in 1885 with 55 patients. By 1900, the patient count rose to almost 3,000 and by the year 1954, KPPC housed up to almost 10,000 patients. By 1990 the patient population declined and KPPC was operating at a fraction of what it was capable of, this made the New York State Department of Mental Health’s decision of closing Kings Park Psychiatric Center for good. On August 13th, 2012, demolition began on Café 56.

Haunted History: Visitors have claimed to hear voices, yelling, seen shadow people and full body apparitions. Also, they claimed to feel cold spots and heard unexplainable noises.

Police & Fire Department – Building 83

A Brief History: Building 83 was built in 1925 to be used as a Police and Fire Department. The 2ndfloor was used to house the staff of Building 83. The building played a critical role in the facilities self-sufficiency and means of ensuring patient safety. Former employees recall loud sirens coming from the building throughout the day. Locals used to mistake these sirens for signaling a patient escape, but they simply notified roaming patients that it was time to return to their wards. The use of this building, along with many buildings on the property, was reduced in the early 1990’s when Kings Park Psychiatric Center began the process of shutting down for good. The building exists now as the other buildings do, abandoned with no real purpose.

Haunted History: The paranormal occurrences here are similar to those occurring on the rest of the grounds of the complex. Many people have claimed to see an apparition of a male appear and then just disappear. While the buildings are often traversed by urban explorers, some believe these noises to be of paranormal origin.


Power Plant – Building 29

A Brief History: Over the years Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital obtained its electricity through various plants. Constructed in 1964, Building 29 was the last power plant constructed for this purpose. The building 29 power plant originally burned coal to generate electricity and steam for heat, however, later on it was refitted to be able to use oil and natural gas. As with most of the complex, building 29 was shuttered by 1996 when the hospital was officially closed by New York State. The property then became part of Nissequogue State Park. The building’s smoke stack was demolished in March of 2013, a fate slated as well to various buildings on the campus.

Haunted History: The Kings Park Psychiatric Center complex is rumor to many paranormal tales. Building 29 is not exempt from the legends. Many visitors to the area report hearing what sounds like patients yelling. People exploring the building report hearing the sounds of footsteps, and doors opening/closing. Shadowy figures have been described roaming the halls of the building. Apparently just because the building is now closed, doesn’t mean it’s empty of those with stories to tell.


*More Buildings Coming Soon*


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