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False/Fake Paranormal Evidence

Have you ever taken a picture that you thought had something paranormal on it and/or thought you could have possibly picked up a picture of a “ghost” or "spirit"? LIPI has performed many investigations and took dozens of  photographs that we thought could have been paranormal. When we analyzed the pictures in detail we found that some of these photographs were not paranormal but instead fake. This basically means that other objects were picked up in the pictures that initially seemed to be paranormal but had very natural origins. Some examples of those kinds of "fake" or "false" paranormal pictures are:

  • Taking pictures during rain or snow, or at night with mist could mean that its rain drops looking like orbs.

    Fake orbs caused by moisture.

  • Your own breath in a humid environment can easily produce dramatic though false images which can easily be mistaken for mists or ectoplasm.

    A false mist caused by breath in a humid environment.

  • One of the most accidental and often photographed anomalies is the camera strap. This usually shows up like a streak in the photograph and people tend to think it’s paranormal.

    Possible camera strap picture.

  • When you take a picture towards a mirror or anything that the flash could reflect off of, also gives off an orb shaped object that could look paranormal but it really isn’t.

  • Dust on the lens of the camera and/or area where the pictures are being taken could also result in possible fake paranormal pictures.

    Dust in a faulty lens.

  • Another interesting fake paranormal picture that people pick up a lot of the time is, taking a picture towards something with lights around it and the light spiral in the picture. This is something that you might pick up and it’s not paranormal.

    Background lights.

  • A picture that comes up with a little blurry to it in the object your taking the picture of is not considered paranormal but instead just a mistake in the way the picture was taking with the camera.

    Blurry image.
  • The following photograph was taken near the end of a recent investigation at Mount Misery. Most likely it is an insect.

    Mount Misery Site 2 photograph

Click Here for further examples of false paranormal evidence.

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