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Demonology 101


The following information is a summary overview of demons and demonology based on LIPI’s numerous conversations with and attendance at presentations given by well known demonologists. These include Adam Blai, John Zaffis, Carl and Keith Johnson (the demonologist "twins" from TAPS).

Much of this information is based on the teachings and doctrines of Christianity and the Roman Catholic church. It is not our intention to promote or select a particular faith over another. The members of Long Island Paranormal Investigators represent many faiths and beliefs. We recognize that other faiths and beliefs may not share the same views of demons as presented here.

Additionally, it is not our intent for this to be the complete final-word on the subject of demons; Merely a general review of the subject. Research, theory and field investigations by many people are continually on going. This article will be update as often as possible when new information is uncovered.

WARNING!!! Demons and demonology is not something to be entered into casually or as a hobby! Practicing demonologists have devoted their lives to the field. They have spent years in study and working with people in the field. Do not think you are prepared to deal with demons after reading this article!!

Grant Wilson of TAPS introduces Adam Blai
Co-founder of TAPS Grant Wilson introduces psychologist and demonologist Adam Blai (right)
at a seminar held at the Stanley Hotel in CO.

The Origin of Angels and Demons

In the beginning, G-d created the universe. As part of the creation He created angels.

Angels are "designer" entities, created by G-d specifically to do His will. They are inhuman. Their true nature is not humanoid (they don’t look like us). Some angels are able to appear human when they manifest to people but that is not what they really are.  Nor are angels created in G-d’s image (i.e. they don’t look like G-d). It is beyond our limited mortal ability to comprehend their true nature. They are "equipped" with the necessary tools, abilities and knowledge to carry out their instructions. There are different classes/categories of angels (a  discussion of these classes/categories is beyond the scope of this article).

Angels were given freewill by G-d.  Only angels and Man were given freewill.

When G-d created Man in His image that angered some angels. When G-d gave Man freewill too (something that only the angles had) that angered some angels even more. Finally, G-d placed Man in greater importance in the universe than the Angels, second only to Himself (i.e. First G-d, then Man, then angels).

This was the last straw to some angels. Some angels exercised their freewill and objected to G-d’s will. They rebelled. There was a war between the angels that obeyed G-d (the ‘good’ angels) and the angels that rebelled against His will (the ‘bad’ angels).

How long the war lasted can not be put in human terms ("time" as we know it has no meaning in Heaven). When angels battle they don’t fight in physical terms as we know it. They “fight” by exchanging philosophical arguments, like a giant and powerful debating team.

In the end the bad angels were defeated (not that there was any doubt which side G-d would allow to win). As punishment for going against G-d’s will all the rebellious angels were cast out of Heaven down to Earth. There (on Earth) they are to remain until the Final Judgment.


What Do Demons Want From Us?

Given the opportunity demons would literally sweep across the Earth and destroy every man, woman and child. However, G-d’s will does not allow that (see The Rules below).

Instead, demons want us to turn away from G-d and G-d’s law. They want us to corrupt ourselves in body and spirit with things like drugs, alcohol, promiscuous and lascivious sex, lying, thieving, acts of violence including murder, etc. They want us not to return to G-d for forgiveness and help but rather follow them instead.


What Do Demons Look Like?

If you were able to see a demon in it’s true form it would look monstrous and horrific. Not because that’s how they were made. But rather because it is a reflection of how much they hate G-d, his will, and us.

When demons appear to people they often appear as a human or humanoid creature. Sometimes they try to trick us and appear as a close relative or friend who has recently died. However, a key feature of a demon appearance is they are not allowed (by G-d, see The Rules below) to appear in normal human form. There is always something grotesquely wrong with their appearance: Missing a limb, missing an eye, face twisted, etc.


How Do Demons Behave?

Demons are accomplished liars. Nothing they say is to be believed. They will twist facts and statements to try to get you to believe them.

Demons have superior intelligence compared to even the smarted human. They can use that intelligence to out think us.

Demons can not read your mind. But they do know what you have done, especially what sins and other transgressions (things you’re not proud of and wouldn’t want the rest of the world to know you have done).

Demons do not know for certain the future. But they can use their superior intelligence to calculate very accurate predictions about what is likely to happen. And they can make these predictions rapidly over a large number of possible courses of action. This is how they can appear to know the future.


How Do Demons Get Into Our Lives?

There are many ways demons can try to come into our lives.

Some examples:

  • The image of a close relative or friend who recently died appears to you (usually at night) and strongly urges you to do something (often extreme or violent). Or, the demon can tell you to avoid someone close to you, tell you lies about someone etc.
  • You hear a loud "booming" voice in your head commanding you to do something. The voice is often very forceful, frightening in it’s power, and sounds like the quintessential "evil voice". Note this is not to be confused with the "little voice" of your conscience people of hear when faced with a tough decision or moral dilemma, nor is it be confused with people who do have mental health issues (see below).
  • You and/or your family may be in a difficult place in your life. Financial trouble, sever health problems, etc. A demon may approach you promising to solve your problem if you agree to go with them at the end of your life. They may also want you to promise over your children or another family member to them. In this case the demon may actually help in the short run but it is not for your benefit as much as it is to solidify their grasp on you.


Can Demons Be Forgiven?


Angels and demons, by the nature of what they are, are able to know immediately and accurately the complete out comes of the choices they have and the decisions they make. So when some angels chose to use their freewill to rebel against G-d they knew right away what they were doing and what would happen. It is because they immediately know what the results of their choices will be they can not be forgiven by G-d.

By comparison, Man does not know the immediate and accurate outcomes of our decisions (no matter how smart we think we are or how well we think we’ve thought them out). It is because we do not know what the complete results of our choices will be that, unlike demons, Man can be forgiven by G-d for the choices we’ve made. It isn’t always as easy to get His forgiveness as you see on TV. And yes, sometimes G-d does not forgive us. But we can always try to seek G-d’s forgiveness because we do not know the full results of our choices when we make them.


The Correlation Between Demons And Mental Illness

(The following information is a summary of comments frequently made by a well known demonologist who is also a PhD in Psychology and a practicing psychologist. Mental illness is a serious subject that affects individuals and families. It is not intended to imply that all persons with mental illness are experiencing demonic activity, nor that all persons experiencing demonic activity are also experiencing mental illness.)

It has been observed by demonologists who are also professionals in the mental health field that there seems to be a correlation between demonic activity (and possession) and persons experiencing mental illness. It has been observed that demons will often try to influence people with mental illness to a greater extent than non-mentally ill persons. And demons will try to hide with in a person with mental illness as it is more difficult for the demon to be identified as such.

One theory to possibly explain this is persons who’s minds are already weaken by mental or emotional issues (including alcoholism and drug use)  are less able to defend themselves. This makes them more susceptible to being influenced by a demon.


"The Rules"

There are certain specific rules set forth by G-d that govern what demons can and cannot do. Some of these rules have been previously mention but are repeated here:

  • Demons would like nothing more than to sweep across the Earth and literally destroy all of Mankind. But G-d’s will doesn’t allow that.
  • Demons can not appear in whole/normal human form. They must have some obvious deformity (missing a limb or other body part, a twisted/grotesque face, etc.).
  • Demons do not know the future. They can make accurate predictions and probably out comes but they don’t know for certain the future.
  • Demons have to be invited in to your life either directly by calling for them, seeking them out, or by allowing them in (which is why techniques such as séances and Ouija boards are dangerous!). They can try to trick and confuse you into allowing them into your life. But they can’t just come into your life. And you have to make the choice to accept them into your life (whether you know their true nature or not).
  • There are certain "rules of engagement" demons must obey if you encounter one unknowingly or accidentally. These rules are discussed more below.


So You Want To Be A Demonologist?

People who are active practicing demonologists don’t enter the field as a whim or hobby. Demonology is a life time commitment. They recognized the battle between good and evil is real. Once involved you can’t get out.

One noted demonologist refers to the battle between G-d and demons as “The Chessboard”. This is not to be taken as a game or fun! Rather, chess is about strategy and making the right moves to keep your opponent in check. So it is in the battle between G-d and demons.

Demons are all around us but for most people they rarely if ever make their presences known. But once you set foot on “the chessboard” they become aware of you and you’re knowledge about them. They will always be watching you and be at some aspect in your life.

John Zaffis
Noted paranormal investigator, demonologist and author John Zaffis.

People who are effective demonologists believe it is a deep calling. Not just a feeling but they believe they have been called to this service by G-d. Working closely with priests who are familiar with demons and demonology, using prayer and meditation, they seek confirmation from G-d that they are in fact “chosen” to be in the field. This is extremely important to confirm.

When G-d chooses someone to be a fighter against demons they are given certain protections from demons by G-d. These include physical, mental and spiritual protection. It’s not total invulnerability but without these protections demons can and could physically, mentally and spiritually destroy them.

True demonologists lead mainly solitary lives. Friends, family, relations, even pets can be possessed and manipulated to be used against the demonologist.  This solitude leads most demonologists to have very stressful and emotional lives. Fortunately, G-d recognizes the stresses of the work and will guide people to these demonologists to be their friends and associates to help ease their burdens.


Demons And The Paranormal Investigator ("The Rules Of Engagement")

The question arises: What if as a paranormal investigator you and/or your group accidentally encounter a demon or walk into a demonic situation? Is there anything you can do to protect yourself in that situation?

The rules are very clear when it comes to innocent, accidental encounters. If you unknowingly meet a demon or enter into a demonic situation the demon can not harm you, at least not seriously. They can threaten you, try to provoke, physically show you that you do not have the protection of G-d (as described above), mock your prayers and faith, etc. But they can not outright attack you initially.

However, once it is clear that you are dealing with a demon and that you do not have the divine protections of G-d that a demonologist of the calling has, it is your responsibility to leave the area as quickly as possible. Do not stay or linger. Exit the situation immediately and do not re-enter. The demon has shown itself to you, shown you its power and shown you that you do not have the divine protections of G-d in these matters. Now it is your choice.

If you leave the demon can not follow you, harm you or your family, come into your life, etc. You entered the situation innocently and now have made the free will choice not to be part of this be choosing to immediately leave. The demon may try to mock you, try to anger you by questioning your faith or courage. But that’s all they can do.

But, if you choose to stay in that situation (or return back after leaving) knowing that it is a demon and you don’t have the divine protections of G-d then your fate is your own. Even if you later leave the demon can (and probably will) follow you. You can try to seek help from others but since you were aware of the situation and your lack of protection yet still used your free will to choose to stay and fight, your options are limited.

Keith Johnson of TAPS

Karl Johnson of TAPS
LIPI members with Keith and Carl Johnson (the demonologist "twins" from TAPS).


What About Other Faiths?

While much of what we in the Western world know of demons comes from the Christian church (specifically the Roman Catholic church), Christianity doesn’t have the exclusive "inside track" to demons. According to myth, legend and ancient writings humans have been battling demons since the beginnings of history – long before the establishment of the church.

According to two well known demonologists, there exists a "universal truth" that we know as G-d. Doesn’t matter what faith we are, what prayers we say or what language we say them in. There is still one universal truth. All our faiths, symbols and prayers reference this truth. 

Demons are closer to this truth then we as mortals are. They know the power of this truth, the power this truth has over them, and they fear it. So it isn’t the wording of the prayers or the religion that you follow per se which has power to battle demons. It is the strength of your faith in these religions, prayers and symbols that all point back to the one truth which gives power to fight demons.


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